Ntama + Woven

Our name derives from
"Ntama" which means "fabric" in the Akan language of Ghana. Just as fabric is woven, the lives of all the people who make our brand special are interconnected and woven together.

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Featured Collection

Featured Collection

Dinners on the beach, concerts in the park, champagne brunches, sunset cruises.... 

  • Fashion that's Fair

    All of our items are handcrafted by women artisans in Ghana and Kenya who are paid a living wage. Nta-woven pieces are ethically made by real people with real lives in mind.

  • Signature is our Specialty

    We curate signature pieces. No one Nta-woven item is the same. We offer boutique looks without the boutique price. Whether you are looking for simple and stylish or bold and regal, we guarantee that you have a one-of-a-kind find.

  • Boutique with a Purpose

    When you shop Nta-woven, you support women makers from Accra, Ghana, Nairobi, Kenya and Atlanta, GA, USA. By supporting the economic vitality of Black women across the globe, you also help to build vibrant Black families and communities.